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2007-01-30 22:38:32
Slast 1.4.0 beta2 has been RELEASED!


2007-01-28 23:39:07
Problems with Beta1


2007-01-22 12:35:28
Slast 1.4.0 beta1 is RELEASED!


2007-01-17 14:19:00
AsteriskNOW Live-cd


2007-01-17 13:13:01
New Blog


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From now on all releases of Slast will be given the version number of the version of asterisk they contain. Betas of Asterisk will not be used. The word Beta in the name of the Slast file, will declare that the version of Slast is a beta, not the version of Asterisk.
The Slax version will be the most up to date version when the version of Slast is released.
All software version info will be located on the slast_changelog.txt in the root directory of the iso.

Current Version

Slast-1.4.0-beta2.iso 30-Jan-2007

Older Versions

Slast-1.4.0-beta1.iso 22-Jan-2007

Slast- 10-Oct-2006

Slast- 07-Oct-2006

Slast- 23-Sep-2006

There are other live cd Asterisk distros, give them a try also.

Asterisk Now



Asterisk Live!



If we are missing any, please tell us.