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What Equestrian & Track Jump Cups Are Used For

horse jump cups

When you hear or read about anything related to equestrian events or pursuits then perhaps you already know that the conversation or sights revolve around the magnificent fauna species otherwise known as horses, from fine stallions and colts to noble and doting fillies, from charmingly friendly ponies to the stubborn but hardworking and humble donkey. And for many centuries now, these creatures have endured cooperative but close relationships with their commandeering human species.

Long before any young boy and girl is able to muster the horse jump cups for training purposes whilst on horseback, he and she has been introduced to other coordinating pursuits that may also require the use of stationery aids placed strategically on the track and field. This is usually introduced to them at junior high school level, and this, in itself, is a very good thing indeed. At the earliest stage, young boys and girls are taught how to maintain full control over their bodies and minds before leaping and bounding to greater things.

But for the newborn colt or mare it is an entirely different matter. Right from the moment of birth the young horse is instinctively able to adapt. It is already able to stand on its own four legs. And within a few days, this young horse is allowed to gallop about within the confined sheltered space in which it must spend its first few weeks of life, but usually with its mother very close by. And it is often argued by animal and nature lovers alike that one of the best things that could be done for young horses, and young boys and girls, is to introduce them to each other at the earliest possible opportunity during which time closely monitored training will, of course, be provided.