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2007-01-30 22:38:32
Slast 1.4.0 beta2 has been RELEASED!


2007-01-28 23:39:07
Problems with Beta1


2007-01-22 12:35:28
Slast 1.4.0 beta1 is RELEASED!


2007-01-17 14:19:00
AsteriskNOW Live-cd


2007-01-17 13:13:01
New Blog



These are for the current version only, if they are struck out, then the bug is fixed on the devel copy

oss.conf and alsa.conf put the console in the "local" context which doesn't exist. Probably should be "default"

Neither the alsa or oss modules are loaded by default in modules.conf . The alsa module segfaults asterisk when used to dial from the console on my laptop (inspiron 4100), but seems fine on everything else

Sox utilities like "play" won't work because of missing libs.

mpg321 is missing some libraries too. However, this may not be needed anymore since the moh doesn't use it now...

/etc/issue file has an 'i' in the command to start asterisk

/etc/asterisk/extensions.conf is not finished yet

To Do

This is not a complete list, but just some things we thought about

Custom Config Files
Icons for distro
Icons for Windows Autorun
Asterisk Examples