6 Fun Ideas for an Amazing Bachelor Party

6 Fun Ideas for an Amazing Bachelor Party

Celebrating those final days of the single life is best done with a bachelor party. This final event helps the groom-to-be sow his wild oats and prepare to enter a life of marriage, children with fewer nights spent hanging with the guys. If your good friend is tying the night, planning a bachelor party near Fort Lauderdale is an important task. There are endless ideas for an amazing bachelor party. Six great ideas are listed below. Who says that you must stick to the same bachelor party as all of the other guys when so many great ways to spend your days exist?

1.    Food Tour: Ft. Lauderdale is home to some pretty amazing restaurants that serve most any type of cuisine that you enjoy in budgets small and high, whether it’s American, Mexican, Chinese, or something else. Plan a bachelor party food tour to explore the city’s very best restaurants and enjoy some delish meals. Include stops at area bars along the way if you’re a drinker to make the evening more exciting.

2.    Strip Club: The traditional bachelor party includes a trip to the strip club for a little male entertainment from a few gorgeous faces. Booze is included, so ensure that transportation is arranged ahead of time so no DUIs ruin the night. Riding around in a chauffeured limo is the simple way to enjoy the events.

3.    Amusement Park: An amusement park gives very man the chance to enjoy childhood fun with the fellas. There are always great rides and games at the amusement park and fun stuff like bumper cars and go-kart racing available. You can always start the day off at the amusement park and work your way into a night of fun at the strip club or other location of your choosing.

4.    Cruise the Water: Ft. Lauderdale sits along the Pacific Ocean making a beach adventure a daily occurrence for most people. However, when it’s time to throw a bachelor party, you can go out on the water in a party boat and experience your final days of freedom on the waters. It’s an adventure that is sure to provide the atmosphere and fun needed for an eventful bachelor party.

5.    Party Bus: If going out on the water in a boat simply isn’t your thing, never fret because you can experience some extreme fun using a party bus rental.  Party buses allow you to BYOB, feature a large dance floor, and include tons of other decor and amenities that ensure a great time for every man in attendance. Plus, you can make your way all around the city while the entertainment is going on.

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6.    Visit the Casino: A casino style bachelor party is another excellent way to spend your final pre-marriage days. Several delightful casinos are located in Ft. Lauderdale and the surrounding areas. Many offer bachelor party packages that ensure everything that you need is readily available. Who knows? Maybe the night could end with a huge jackpot accompanying you home!