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2007-01-30 22:38:32
Slast 1.4.0 beta2 has been RELEASED!


2007-01-28 23:39:07
Problems with Beta1


2007-01-22 12:35:28
Slast 1.4.0 beta1 is RELEASED!


2007-01-17 14:19:00
AsteriskNOW Live-cd


2007-01-17 13:13:01
New Blog


2007-01-17 12:11:01
Kratom Help Center



Slast (formerly Slasterisk) is a live cd project combining Slax and Asterisk 1.4

With the ease of modifying Slax to create a custom cd, you can have a live cd with 'your' Asterisk install on it, doing whatever you need a pbx to do. Slast is great for demonstrating/testing Asterisk, learning Asterisk, and with the loading into ram, you can have a very powerful backup if your Asterisk box were to go down.

Slax is modular, so we hope to have a repository of user submitted modules here for you to add to your personal Slast cd.

if you want to help with anything from website design to creating modules and writing documentation, please contact droops (at) healthsquare (dot) com to volunteer.

Why another distro?

This is a good question. We think that this has a place for 2 reasons, education of Asterisk and custom Asterisk live-cd's. The config files have been moved and only the necessary ones remain. They have been rewritten to make getting Asterisk working, for the newcomer, the top priority.